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We are a team of professionals Breeders who are passionate about the world of exotic kittens and are dedicated to providing you with the most unique exotic kittens of your dream

About Us

Uptown Exotic Kittens was founded in 2010. It started off with just one breed but soon after, developed and became one of the largest exotic kittens cattery here in the USA. Along with this, we expanded our area of expertise to focus on breeding Bengal kittens, Savannah kittens, Serval and most importantly Caracal kittens. We work as team of professionals breeders who truly appreciate the beauty of Exotic Kittens and have an individual approach towards every client. We are striving to create something unique by bringing all of the customer's dreams to life.

One never ought to listen to the eoxitic kittens. One should simply look at them and smile.

Bengal Kittens for Sale

bangal kittens for sale

Savannah Kittens for Sale

savannah kittens for sale


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On our blog, we post articles covering popular topics about floristry and design, display our projects and show what happens behind the scenes, as well as share interesting facts and stories about flowers and their arrangement. 


You guys are just the best. My baby arrived safely. Though the first day was a little bit stressful but because ofthe help Delis gave us and for instruction on the booklet she came with, we quickly addapted to us and now she is my first kids best friend.